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About Me

Growing up with a love for film and television, Lauren knew she wanted to work in post-production from a young age. This passion only grew as she did and was very apparent the day of her graduation from Windsor University; she was absent, off following her dreams in Germany, working as part of a documentary film crew.


Upon her return to Canada, Lauren accepted a position at RedLab and quickly relocated to downtown Toronto. Realizing her true interests lay in editorial work, she soon moved into a role as assistant editor at School Editing. Under their mentorship she earned the title of editor and got the reputation of being a problem solver and having a strong technical foundation. While at School, Lauren had the pleasure of working with many high-end clients such as Nike, Budweiser, Subaru and Canadian rock legend, Rush. Now out in the big bright world as a freelance editor, she enjoys bringing this experience and expertise to all her projects.

When she’s not editing and buried behind her laptop, surrounded by a mountain of hard drives, Lauren can be found negotiating the rock climbing walls at Joe Rockheads, soaking in the beautiful sounds at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, or frolicking in the park with her two dogs, Ziggy and Avid. (Yes, she named her dog after an editing software.)

If you’d like to contact Lauren, please reach out to She looks forward to hearing from you.


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